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SO LET It be™ is a Bulgarian brand created with love for the healthy and high-quality lifestyle. We believe that we can contribute with our products to a more diversified and balanced eating, both on busy weekdays and in peaceful, relaxing moments in life. SO LET It be ™ offers high-quality, innovative products based on Einkorn.


The Einkorn (Triticum monococcum) sticks are 100% made from Bulgarian Einkorn grown in fields where the only farming operations are ploughing, sowing, and harvesting. Einkorn is grown by biologically responsible farmers, in environmentally clean areas country-wide, who love and spare Mother Earth. Before milling, the grains are diligently cleaned of all other admixtures, including broken grains. Because significant friction and warming occur when milling larger quantities in stone mills, which leads to stone micro particles being chipped away, we use conventional mills.


See Why Einkorn?


We use the following core ingredients:

~Bio Coconut fat;

~Einkorn sourdough, not spelt or wheat sourdough. We strive to minimize as much as possible any grain components different from einkorn; 

~Sea saltbecause of its good composition of microelements.

Vegan Einkorn salty sticks . Bio carob flour is added, carob being an exceptionally beneficial plant imparting a barely distinguishable sweetish shade to the flavour; with its four monthsshelf life, this product by itself forms a new subcategory in the category of sticks and pretzels, where average shelf life ranges between 6 to 12 months. The end effect is a crispy salty stick with the traditional flavour of Bulgarian einkorn, with a barely distinguishable sweetish shade.

Einkorn sticks with Savoury (Satureja hortensis), were developed based onVegan einkorn sticks, with all principles and positives regarding flour, sourdough, fat, and barley malt extract applying to this product as well. The difference is the bio honey, which replaces the carob flour and the added Bulgarian ground savoury. The end result is high-quality, crispy sticks with an einkorn taste and unimposing traditional flavour of Bulgarian savoury. This product’s shelf life is seven months.

Einkorn sticks with bio Cumin and Black Pepper: They are similar to the savoury sticks but have cumin and black pepper instead. The spices are ground and are inside the dough. You need to crunch up a few sticks before specks of black pepper start sticking onto the mouth receptors. Every stick you eat enhances the spiciness sensation. The effect is a cumulative one.

We only use ingredients with beneficial impact on body health. In this context, further to us not using any artificial flavouring, texture improvers, preservatives, and other additives, our list is also free of ingredients such as palm oil, yeast, monosodium glutamate, processed sugar, etc.  SO LET It be™products have no glazing as well. We rely on and believe in the more natural and authentic things in life and eating in particular, which even our grandmothers would recognize as food.

The above is our conviction and creed that quality of life closely correlates to full-value diet on a daily basis. We believe that the SO LET It be™Einkorn sticks are a quality addition to a diversified diet whenever you have the opportunity. 

We all thank you for choosing us!  

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